Project Description

Great bargains on high quality Khaki Clothing

We have comfortable shoes, ranging from safety boots, everyday leather shoes and smart formal shoes. We have hand stitched belts that fit all fashion trends. We have trendy shorts and long pants suitable for any occasion and situation. We have quality formal and casual button and T-Shirts designed to last and yet not lose aesthetics appeal.

We have old Khaki, we have modern khaki, we have the most trending and appealing khaki clothing. We also deliver nationwide and have a safe, secure and easy to use online shop for convenience. We offer embroidery. We are Khaki!

You take pride in your appearance. Does not matter if you are at work, if you are on a date wanting to impress a lady, does not matter if you are hiking through our beautiful bushveld or climbing a mountain. It does not matter if you at a gathering with friends, standing next to the braai, making a campfire or even collecting firewood. With Kallie Khaki range of top quality khaki clothing, you will always look your best.

At Kallie Khaki outdoors . High-quality hand stitched , genuine leather belts , strong enough to tow a car, beautiful enough to make lions cry of jealousy. High-quality safari clothes to survive the onslaught of thorny bushes, but have the “birds” watching you, high-quality shoes that protect you from bushes, thorns and insects. Safari Shoes that will make snakes charm.

You don’t need to be an outdoorsman to appreciate the outdoors infinite beauty, you don’t need to be an outdoorsman to look prepared and in some cases, even professional, all you need is Kallie Khaki clothing, so that you can excel in all life’s challenges. You don’t monkey around when it comes to looking good. You take pride in your appearance.

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