Project Description

10% Off African Inspired Handbags

Bobby Yarn is a proudly African designer and manufacturer of all types of bags. This includes African print handbags, African shoulder bags, African purses, African print tote bags, beach bags, African sling and vanity bags and many more types and designs of handmade African bags.

The Bobby Yarn brand was born in 2015 when a love for authentic African design inspirations was translated into a range of affordable and practical bag designs. By blending modern and contemporary fabric designs with imagery of all things unique to Africa, Bobby Yarn products have managed to capture the essence of Africa.

We make bags from top selling commercial fabrics, as well as custom designed and printed fabrics meaning we are always producing bags out of design that no one would have ever thought possible. We use a balanced blend of cotton and canvas-based materials that are practical for all bag carrying applications.

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