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Cannapharm sells verified accredit liquids, lotions, edibles and more.

As the legalization of cannabis has been on the cards for more than 50 years, it has been a struggle to get past legislation of what big Pharma has put in place since the 1913’s. We understand their philosophy, it is clear, there is no money to be made if people are healed.

So thus the revolution has been build up from the 1960’s, by activists having to struggle for years to get the government (controlled by big pharma) convinced of the same medicinal properties, that doctors for millennia, have known to work.

The struggle was a success with the revolutionists taking action and seeing state by state, country by country change its laws and relaxing the studies into Marijuana.

With this revolution, studies of Cannabis has proven that CBD within the plants have confirmed medicinal values that does cure many patients of disease and ailments. From Cancer to a simple soar on your mouth. Yes it works. You can search anywhere on the internet and find many recommendations from people like you and me, that this has worked for. So don’t just take my word for it, look for yourself.

There is a catch though, like anything in life, it is not just as simple an making coffee.

Cannabis has a multitude of types of marijuana, we call these strains. Typically you have the basic like Sativa and Indica, these are the two major indication you should look for. As every human on this planet is different, so are our Cannabinoid receptors. Thus what works for you extremely well, might not work for your friend in the same way. It is for this reason that farmers are always experimenting with crossing the various marijuana strains to find different types of Cannabinoids that work better, faster and that are more likely to yield stronger medicinal properties.

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